GENAQ water: certified generation

03 July, 2020


What makes the water produced by GENAQ’s atmospheric generators different? The certified generation of our water. Besides, the great challenge of our generators is to reproduce the rain process to generate water from the humidity of the air. This generation depends on a specific air temperature and humidity.

And how can we ensure this? Among the certifications obtained by GENAQ. There is an especially important one, the one obtained from TÜV Rheinland, a world-class provider of technical, security and certification services. This certifies how much water is produced by our generators as a function of a specific air temperature and humidity. This allows us to obtain a very accurate water certified generation.

On the other hand, it is important to emphasize that one generator model can generate more or less water depending on the humidity and temperature of the air surrounding its located. What differentiates GENAQ is that, after an immense number of tests in a climatic chamber with controlled conditions, that number of liters is real, measured and known. And this lets the user know in advance how the GENAQ generator will operate in his location.

In addition, and thanks to our new facilities, at GENAQ we have a permanent Climatic Chamber. We validate all the generators we manufacture to ensure they meet the certified amount of water generated.

Do you want to know how much water will one of our models generate at your location? Contact us and a specialist will advise you!

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