Empreinte hydrique Djibouti

Reducing the hydraulic footprint in 2024 with GENAQ’s innovative solutions

In today’s world, where environmental concerns are increasingly at the […]

Pilot Project in Évora, GENAQ - ACCIONA

Atmospheric Water Generation in Évora, Portugal: GENAQ Pilot Project – ACCIONA

Atmospheric Water Generation is nowadays established as a real solution […]


Introducing Stratus S50 by GENAQ: Innovation Redefined

GENAQ, a pioneering force in atmospheric water generation, continues to […]

Introducing Offline Control: GENAQ’s way of revolutionizing connectivity

We cannot wait any longer to unveil our latest project, […]

GENAQ is celebrating World Water Day

GENAQ is celebrating World Water Day

At GENAQ, every drop of water holds immense significance. As […]

GENAQ International Women's Day

GENAQ is Celebrating Equality on International Women’s Day

At GENAQ, we believe in the importance of equality and […]