GENAQ containers: adapted to travel around the world

08 June, 2020


GENAQ is present in more than 25 countries in the five continents. For this reason, one of the most important characteristics for our clients is the easy transportation of our atmospheric water generators. Including the marine one, to be able to enjoy them in any corner of the planet. It is for this reason, that GENAQ containers are adapted to travel.

Thanks to the containers provided by our partner PROinSENER, a Sevillian company also present throughout the world dedicated to containerized solutions, our GENAQ Cumulus C5000 atmospheric water generator can be integrated with a tank of up to 2000 liters in an adapted 20-foot container to allow easy transportation. In addition, a generator set can be included that makes it work without the need for a conventional electrical supply.

With a reinforced structure and designed to overcome any logistical challenge, they provide safe water wherever they are. We are talking about compact containers. They protect 100% of our generator and allow easy start-up by the customer himself. Beacuse the control is carried out without the need to open the container from the external control.

Likewise, and since our GENAQ Cumulus C5000 is specially designed to respond to emergencies and civil and military camps, it is an ideal solution since it allows rapid deployment. And there is still more. Our containers are resistant to demanding climatic conditions. Like desert, risk areas with typhoons or high humidity. Finally, we can customize them in different colors.

Do you want to generate up to 7,585 liters of water a day in extreme environmental conditions of up to 55 ºC? GENAQ is your solution! Contact us and a specialist technician will expand all the details.

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