GENAQ: Winner of the SME Enterprize 2023 Award

24 October, 2023


In a world facing increasingly pressing environmental challenges, it is essential to recognise and celebrate organisations that are doing their part to drive sustainability and ethical responsibility. This year, GENAQ has achieved a significant achievement by receiving Generali‘s prestigious SME Enterprize award in the Environmental Sustainability category. This award is a testament to GENAQ’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and its contribution to the well-being of our planet.

SME Enterprize: promoting corporate sustainability

Generali has been promoting innovative actions that contribute to sustainable development for years. These awards were created with this objective in mind. In order to continue rewarding this initiative, they launched the 3rd Edition of the SME Enterprize. This has made it possible to award €30,000 to 3 of the Spanish SMEs that work ethically.

The SME Enterprize has become a beacon of light for small and medium-sized companies seeking to stand out in terms of sustainability, ethics and responsibility. GENAQ has not only demonstrated that it meets these criteria. But has also set itself apart as an example to follow in the field of corporate sustainability.

The winners of the 2023 edition

In the 2023 edition of the SME Enterprize, the winners in each category were:

GENAQ has emerged as one of the three winners. This feat is not only a recognition of its sustainable approach. But also reflects the positive impact of its technology and products on the environment. GENAQ joins this select group of SMEs that have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to protecting the environment.

GENAQ’s impact on environmental sustainability

GENAQ is a company specialising in the generation of water from air, an innovative technology that has a significant impact on environmental sustainability. This technology reduces dependence on traditional water sources, reduces the carbon footprint and contributes to the conservation of water resources.

Winning the SME Enterprize is an impressive achievement for GENAQ. It not only highlights the company’s dedication to sustainability, but also positions it as a role model in the business world. GENAQ’s innovative water-from-air technology and its ethical and responsible approach to business are inspiring examples for all SMEs looking to make a difference in the field of environmental sustainability. GENAQ has not only become a winner, but has also demonstrated that small and medium-sized enterprises have an essential role to play in building a more sustainable and responsible future.

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