GENAQ’s Climate Chamber

23 April, 2021


At GENAQ we have developed our own Climate Chamber. It helps us to test all our atmospheric water generators before shipping to our customers. Moreover, it allows us to simulate the climate conditions of any region of the world. Also, to find the optimal point of our generators for different temperature and humidity.

GENAQ´s Climate Chamber has been designed using cutting-edge technology, becoming one of the few atmospheric water generation firms in the world, that have introduced this advanced technology. It enables us to offer our customers a reliable solution and allow us to ensure fully adaptation of our product to their needs.

Likewise, having it located in our facilities makes possible that design and testing processes for our atmospheric water generators are carried out in the same location. This allows GENAQ to control, test and adapt our generators, obtaining optimal results of the product. Check here our certifications.

Which components are used?

It is made up of food grade materials that withstanding high temperature and humidity. The allocation of the components inside has been carefully studied to achieve maximum air and humidity uniformity. It is controlled by different sensors that allow us to monitor at any time its performance and the testing parameters. Also, we can control the behavior of the atmospheric water generator under a certain climate. On the other hand, it is also important to highlight that our Climate Chamber contains all the necessary elements to provide high reliability tests, thanks to the most innovative technology and its inverter heat pump.

Take a look at our presentation video if you want to see how our Climate Chamber looks like!

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