GENAQ: Water from the air

15 May, 2020


Do you know the working principle of GENAQ atmospheric generators? Its operation is similar to the rain process. Our generators extract water from the humidity of the air by condensation. We go one step beyond what nature generates in the form of rain making the water drinkable thanks to a specific water treatment, so that it is optimal for human consumption. In summary, we create water from the air.

All this procedure is carried out by our generators thanks to an energy source that can come from the electrical network, genset, solar or wind energy, so that, in these last two cases, our generators are completely autonomous and sustainable and, on the other hand, they have no operating cost.

Therefore, humidity and temperature are the key factors that make our atmospheric generators generate water. In nominal conditions (30ºC and 80% humidity), our generators generate from 50 to 5,000 liters per day, depending on the model.

The variation in water generation in scenarios with temperatures and humidity other than the nominal one is known thanks to the tests carried out with our generators in our own climatic chamber. There, we control the temperature and humidity and measure water generated. TÜV Rheinland have audited these tests and certified their results. For this reason, we can accurately know the behavior of the generator in any location in the world.

Do you want to know more about GENAQ atmospheric water generators? You can contact us and a specialized engineer will study your need.

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