L’acqua è la forza motrice della natura


GENAQ Stratus generators are designed in dispenser format to supply the purest water to offices, public use facilities, hotels, restaurants, homes, etc. Get rid of bottled water and generate your own water, free of chemicals and in a sustainable way.

Stratus by GENAQ


GENAQ Nimbus range ensures pure drinking water supply for the industrial sector and remote locations like power plants, mines, oil rigs, or construction sites. Become autonomous and forget about logistics and installations in your premises.

Nimbus by GENAQ


GENAQ Cumulus generators are designed with reinforced structure and portability features, to supply high quality drinking water in emergency situations, natural disasters, humanitarian aid, civilian and military camps, etc. Became independent from any uncontrolled water source.

Cumulus by GENAQ

Large Scale

For larger water needs, GENAQ AWGplant is the air to water solution for both lower investment and operating cost per liter. A customized project to supply water for industrial processes, bottling plants, residential water supply, etc.

AWGplant by GENAQ

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