GENAQ Water Quality: Invincible to Bacteria and Viruses

24 April, 2020


One of the main characteristics that make GENAQ’s atmospheric water generators superior is the water quality. Equally important is generating water as it is drinkable and suitable for human consumption.

Therefore, it’s one of the key factors of our technology. Precisely at this time when we find environments with a higher degree of bacteria than usual, for example in hospitals where the COVID-19 flies over various spaces, the treatment of the water created by our generators is of vital importance.

At GENAQ, we can demonstrate this quality of water thanks to the different quality seals obtained by GENAQ. To date among them, the certification of water generation based on air temperature and humidity, by the world-renowned TÜV Rheinland company. Also the certification of water quality analysis certified by ENAC (National Accreditation and Certification Entity), which shows that the water generated by GENAQ is one hundred percent pure and clean. So much so that in a Blind Tasting carried out among 300 people, the participants opted for it before even other mineral water options.

And what is the reason for this good quality? Simply to the filtration process of this. Inside our generators several stages through which the generated water circulates. These are: sediments, ultrafiltration, activated carbon and mineralization. These filters add to the double filtration of the air to clean the water that is created from the humidity. The sediment filter is responsible for the retention of solid particles and the improvement of water turbidity. Ultrafiltration works by retaining viruses, bacteria, colloids and suspended particles. Activated carbon guarantees that the water generated is tasteless and odorless, in addition to reducing the free chloride. And, thanks to mineralization, we correct the PH of the water.

On the other hand, there is a fifth component, of equal importance, which is the ultraviolet lamp. Once we have our generator full of water, if we do not consume it directly, it is essential to treat that stored water. That is the function of the ultraviolet that is used to purify drinking water of certain elements that contaminate it, among which are bacteria, viruses and microbes. The treatment of drinking water, through UV light, is one of the most specific methods to obtain pure water. It allows the highest quality of water without resorting to chemical treatments that affect health. Such as the addition of chlorine or ozone.

Therefore, we can say not only that the quality of the water created by GENAQ’s atmospheric water generators is optimal. But after a few days from its creation, we can continue to consume the quality guarantee.

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