Atmospheric Water Generation in Évora, Portugal: GENAQ Pilot Project – ACCIONA

19 April, 2024


Atmospheric Water Generation is nowadays established as a real solution for the supply of drinking water in locations where there is a necessity. At GENAQ, we are proud to present our pilot project carried out in collaboration with ACCIONA in Évora, Portugal, an exciting step towards creating sustainable solutions for drinking water supply.

Atmospheric Generation of Water for the supply of drinking water in constructions.

The main objective of the pilot project in Évora is to validate Atmospheric Water Generators as a viable solution for the supply of drinking water in diverse environments. In this case, we worked hand in hand with ACCIONA to provide drinking water for the construction of a hospital in Évora, Portugal, a critical environment that requires a reliable supply of drinking water to operate effectively.

Our selected generators for this pilot project are the Cumulus C5000 and Stratus S200, representing the cutting edge of atmospheric water generation technology. Their ability to produce potable water directly from the air makes them the ideal choice for environments where the availability of the highest quality water is essential.

For ACCIONA, and the nearly 600 workers who constitute the community working on this construction site, there are several benefits that this technology can bring. In addition to eliminating the need for bottled water and reducing dependence on associated transportation, our generators offer a sustainable solution that helps reduce costs and carbon footprint.

In overview, the pilot project in Évora, Portugal, represents an exciting step forward in the search for sustainable solutions for drinking water supply. With GENAQ’s technology, we are committed to transforming the way we access and use this vital resource, creating a cleaner, healthier and sustainable future for all.

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