Discover the revolution in Atmospheric Water Generation with the new GENAQ Stratus S200-3.2

09 January, 2024


In this era where sustainability and energy efficiency are key, GENAQ takes a step forward with the launch of the upgraded version of its flagship generator: the Stratus S200-3.2. At first glance, its design is still captivating, but it is inside that the real revolution lies.

More Water, Less Consumption

The heart of the Stratus S200-3.2 has been optimised to deliver an even higher daily water output: from 170 litres to 202 litres per day. This significant increase marks a milestone in the efficiency of atmospheric water generators. Discover how this improvement directly impacts the availability of pure water for your daily needs.

Unprecedented Energy Efficiency

At GENAQ, we not only seek to generate more water, but also to do so in a more sustainable way. The Stratus S200-3.2 reduces its energy consumption from 0.22 kWh/l to an astonishing 0.19 kWh/l. Explore how this reduction contributes not only to the operational efficiency of the generator, but also to the overall environmental footprint.

Invisible Technology, Tangible Results

Although aesthetically similar to its predecessor, the Stratus S200-3.2 incorporates technological advances invisible to the naked eye. Delve into the details of the innovations that enable this increased performance and efficiency, from improvements in moisture capture to tweaks to condensing systems.

GENAQ’s Stratus S200-3.2 is not just a product upgrade; it is a leap forward in sustainable water generation. This new standard not only provides more water, but does so more efficiently, redefining what is possible in atmospheric generator technology.

Find out how the Stratus S200-3.2 can transform your access to water and contribute to a more sustainable future – contact us to learn more and step into a new era of water generation!

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