GENAQ: An indispensable piece to fight the water challenge

12 June, 2020


Our daily activities consume large amounts of water. For example, a 60W incandescent light bulb, lit for 12 hours a day, consumes 2,380 liters of water per year. For this reason, one of the main water challenge focuses on the environment in which we currently do not notice the lack of water. But we will in the coming years.

Robert Glennon, a professor at the University of Arizona and one of America’s leading experts on environmental law and water law, highlights chilling figures: “About 1.100 million people do not have safe drinking water at their disposal; 2.800 million lack purification systems and, as a consequence, some two million people die each year from intestinal diseases such as cholera”.

Water has traditionally been characterized by its defect. Demographic movements and climate change, as Glennon points out, “are becoming cities in many parts of the world in the middle of deserts: places where water resources cannot resist the population.”

For his part, Josua Busby, professor at the University of Texas and the Council on Foreign Relations of the region, highlighted that until now, some countries such as Spain, Mexico, South Africa or Chile have suffered in their own flesh some water stress. They have had problems in their meats own the tensions that water scarcity can create. Every time there is less water in the world than the demand.

On the other hand, it is also important to highlight the data from the World Resources Institute. Their tools allow us to combine various dynamics and trends. To analyze which regions of the world have the greatest water problems in 2030. The conclusion is: it is difficult in areas like the United States or the Middle East. But Spain, Mexico and several areas in the rest of America Latina need to pay attention too.

Since the challenge of water is a structural problem, the solution provided by GENAQ’s atmospheric water generators is essential. With GENAQ it is possible to generate pure water, at low cost, tested and certified. Through GENAQ’s atmospheric water generators that are autonomous, portable, environmentally friendly and without installation manipulation. GENAQ: since 2008, researching, developing and industrializing atmospheric water generators for the whole world.

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