GENAQ and C&R 2023: Innovation in Atmospheric Water Generation

22 November, 2023


It is a pleasure to share with you the exciting news from the KEYTER GROUP, represented by GENAQ, Keyter and Intarcon, at the recent C&R 2023 event. Despite a predominantly climate and cooling focused profile, we highlight our commitment to innovation in atmospheric water generation.

Innovation in Climate, Cooling and Atmospheric Water Generation at C&R 2023

On the stage of C&R 2023, mainly oriented towards climate and cooling, we highlight our unwavering dedication to revolutionizing atmospheric water generation. The unique synergy between GENAQ, Keyter and Intarcon became a palpable testament to how we are pushing innovation beyond conventional boundaries, even in an eminently climate-focused context.

Keyter and Intarcon: Pillars of Excellence in Climate and Refrigeration

Keyter and Intarcon, part of the KEYTER GROUP, played leading roles in presenting advanced climate and refrigeration solutions during the event. Their outstanding participation not only reflected the technical excellence, but also the undisputed leadership that characterizes our group.

Exploring the Trends and Visions of the Event

Over the course of the event, we immersed ourselves in deep conversations, exploring the latest trends in climate and refrigeration. Integrating this valuable information into our atmospheric water generation solutions demonstrates our commitment to continuous evolution and technical excellence.

Envisioning the Future with Excitement

At GENAQ, we feel a deep sense of excitement as we glimpse the future. We sincerely appreciate your continued support as we boldly move forward in the atmospheric water generation revolution. We are committed to not only meet current expectations, but to exceed them with every step we take.

This event was not only a platform to showcase our innovations, but also a forum to learn, grow and strengthen our connection with you, our valued community.

From GENAQ, we sincerely appreciate your active and enthusiastic participation in this journey of discovery and progress. See you at C&R 2025!

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