GENAQ awarded at FEINDEF 2023

03 August, 2023


Today we are delighted and proud to share some exciting news that happened a few months ago: our beloved company, GENAQ, was awarded at the prestigious Defense and Security International Exhibition (FEINDEF) 2023 for its revolutionary water generation technology.

FEINDEF 2023: A Platform for Innovation and Advancement

FEINDEF 2023, one of the most prominent events in the defense and security industry, brings together experts, companies, and renowned organizations showcasing their latest solutions and technologies. This year, the fair took place in Madrid, becoming a focal point where innovation and progress shine in all their splendor.

Recognition for GENAQ’s Water Generation Technology

Amongst the intense competition and the presentation of various innovative proposals, GENAQ stood out for its unique approach to water generation. This allowed us to receive the second prize in the ‘III Premios Fundación FEINDEF al Emprendimiento’ (3rd FEINDEF Foundation Entrepreneurship Awards). The technology developed has been recognised for its ability to extract potable water from the air in a sustainable manner. This breakthrough represents a significant milestone in the field of security and defense. Moreover, it ensures water supply in critical and emergency situations, where access to clean and safe water is vital.

The Impact of GENAQ’s Technology on the Future

The award bestowed upon GENAQ at FEINDEF 2023 reflects the company’s profound commitment to innovation. Besides, the development of technological solutions make a difference in today’s world. With its water generation technology, GENAQ is not only creating a positive impact in the defense and security industry. But also opening new doors in sectors such as water resource management, humanitarian aid, and environmental preservation.

At GENAQ, we believe that innovation and dedication can transform the world. We are happy to share this exciting news with all of you. Moreover, we look forward to having you with us on this journey towards a more sustainable future for all.

Do you want to know more information about our technology solution? Contact us and a specialist will advise you!

Thank you for being part of the GENAQ family!

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