GENAQ: Pure water thanks to its exhaustive treatment

19 February, 2021


GENAQ atmospheric water generators take in ambient air, filter it and extract its moisture. Once the water is extracted by condensation, it follows a special treatment to obtain the highest quality water at the lowest energy cost.

One of the main characteristics that make GENAQ’s atmospheric water generators superior is the quality of the water generated. Equally important is generating water as it is drinkable and suitable for human consumption. To achieve this, we follow an exhaustive quality control based on water treatment.

Therefore, the process of filtering it is essential. Inside our generators several stages through which the generated water circulates. These are: sediments, ultrafiltration, activated carbon and mineralization. These filters add to the double filtration of the air to clean the water that is created from the humidity. The sediment filter is responsible for the retention of solid particles and the improvement of water turbidity; ultrafiltration works by retaining viruses, bacteria, colloids and suspended particles; activated carbon guarantees that the water generated is tasteless and odorless, in addition to reducing the free chloride present in the water; and, thanks to mineralization, we correct the PH of the water.

To all this filtration process is added the disinfection of the water using an ultraviolet lamp. The drinking water treatment, through UV light, is one of the most effective methods to obtain pure water and allows its highest quality without using chemical treatments that affect health such as the addition of chlorine or ozone. The UV is used to purify water from certain elements that contaminate it, such as bacteria, viruses, and microbes.

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