GENAQ water lands on hybrid vehicles

18 September, 2020


GENAQ water is already present in hybrid vehicles thanks to the collaboration between our firm and the French company Watshep founded by Pierre Helmstetter and Sébastien Ostertag.

GENAQ design, manufacture and market our AWG. This is an innovative solution that produces drinking water of the highest quality from air humidity, without concerns about safety or logistical issues. All you need is air and access to a power source. Besides, we offer a wide range of models from 50 to 5000 liters per day.

On the occasion of the Rallye des Gazelles, which takes place every year in the desert areas of southern Morocco, a GENAQ Cumulus C50 has been installed in one of the vehicles participating in the event. Thus, the viability of water production in the desert can be corroborated. In this way, and among many other benefits, the use of plastic bottles throughout the journey is considerably reduced.

Concerned about its ecological impact and full autonomy, this kind of hybrid vehicles also includes integrated solar panels. That fact makes it a much more sustainable car. When sanitary circumstances related to COVID-19 allow, this GENAQ Cumulus C50 will travel to several corners of the world. This will allow to introduce this new solution to any drinking water need.

Do you want to know more about GENAQ technology? Contact us through our website and a specialized technician will provide you with all the information. Also have a look at our corporate video!

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