GENAQ’s Caribbean Crusade: A Sustainable Wave of Change with GENEO-PRO

30 January, 2024


In an ambitious stride towards combating water scarcity in the Caribbean, GENAQ’s CEO, Carlos García, is currently in Saint Barthelemy, solidifying the partnership with GENEO-PRO. This collaboration is geared towards revolutionizing water sourcing in the region through cutting-edge technology – Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG).

GENEO-PRO, a key partner, has been actively working with local families and hotels, introducing AWG as a groundbreaking solution. By harnessing the power of the atmosphere, this innovative technology allows for the production of high-quality water from the air, providing a sustainable, reliable, and cost-reductive alternative.

The ongoing efforts aim not only to offer a viable solution for immediate water needs but also to contribute to the long-term sustainability goals of the region. Through this partnership, GENAQ and GENEO-PRO are pioneering a shift towards a more resilient and eco-friendly water infrastructure.

As the Caribbean grapples with water challenges, the collaboration’s impact extends beyond mere technology deployment. It signifies a commitment to community development and environmental stewardship. By engaging with local families and hotels, GENAQ and GENEO-PRO are fostering a sense of shared responsibility, encouraging the adoption of eco-conscious practices.

Carlos García’s visit to Saint Barthelemy serves as a testament to GENAQ’s dedication to the global cause of water sustainability. The journey is not just about expanding business horizons; it’s about fostering positive change, one drop of water at a time.

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