Making Water from the Lisbon Air in Web Summit 2019

04 November, 2019


GENAQ has attended the most awaited technology conference, the Web Summit, where it was generated water from the Lisbon air. GENAQ went to make its project known and encourage people to be aware of the plastic problem. Which is generated by bottled water.

This Web Summit, an awesome event, brings together companies that are already redefining the global tech industry in Lisbon from 4th until 7th November. The exhibition attendee ticker, on the evening of Friday,  stopped at 70,469, of which hundreds of people tasted the highest purity water of the GENAQ’s disruptive technology.  The journey has been longer for some more than others. The longest of which has been a whopping 19,584 km, coming from Wellington, New Zealand. Across the four days, the exhibition has welcomed more than 1,200 speakers to our 22 stages. Among them were the EU Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager. Also the Rotating Chairman of Huawei, Guo Ping. Google’s Sustainability Officer, Kate Brandt.  And, finally, former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Tony Blair.

Surrounded by this international atmosphere, GENAQ has made contact with investors, distributors, and potential customers from all over the world. In this adventure, GENAQ has been supported by the European Commission in its commitment to launching European technological SMEs. Atmospheric Water Generation is a technology that already became truth and it will solve many of the ecological problems of the future.

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