The technology importance in the water scarcity problem

14 August, 2020


Technology is useful and beneficial in many areas of our life. Its importance for sustainable development, particularly in relation to water, has been detected as one of the most relevant factors to face the challenges of our society towards the water scarcity.

Since Archimedes of Syracuse invented, in the third century, the screw that revolutionized the methodology to extract water from underground places, humanity has not ceased in its efforts to create new systems to manipulate and multiply the most precious resource on earth. In 1827, James Simpson built a sand filter to purify the drinking water, considered the first effective system used for water treatment. Now, at GENAQ, we have managed to make technology the main piece to obtain pure water through the humidity of the air.

The current problem of water scarcity affects the whole world. We refer to a fundamental resource for our survival and, based on the fact that this water challenge is a structural problem that appeared to remain, the search for permanent solutions is essential.

In this sense, the solution provided by GENAQ technology is a magnificent alternative. Thanks to GENAQ, it is possible to generate pure water, at low cost, tested and certified, through our atmospheric water generators that are autonomous, portable, respectful with the environment and do not require installation.

One of the characteristics that make our generators superior is that we research, develop and industrialize our own technology. Therefore, we can adapt the product to specific needs.

Would you like to get more information about our technology? Please, contact us and a specialist will share further information with you!

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