Why is GENAQ the best option for atmospheric water generation?

09 October, 2020


‘L’acqua è la forza motrice della natura’. With this phrase from Leonardo da Vinci we start the new GENAQ corporate video. Aware that water is the most important resource that exists, at GENAQ we offer a solution to the existing problem of lack of drinking water: our atmospheric water generators.

In our recently presented corporate video, we explain in detail how our solution works and the advantages that GENAQ offers. Also, you can check the applications to which our generators can be used and the current references that we have distributed all over the planet.

Our generators are efficient, portable, environmentally friendly and do not require installation. They are permanently connected and we can measure their behavior in a climatic chamber. Futhermore, we have audited and certified them with the most demanding drinking water standards. At GENAQ, we research our own technology generating water at the lowest possible cost, sustainably and in situations without access to an energy supply. Also, we produce our equipment in a comprehensive manner in our own facilities, allowing the adaptation of the product for a specific need.

More than 25 countries around the world are already benefiting from our technology. Do you want to join? We will wait for you! You can see our corporate video by clicking here.

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